Cameron Fleming. Copywriter.


Domtar: The Fibre of Domtar.

After more than a hundred years in the pulp and paper business, Domtar stood at the threshold of a dramatic transformation. As it expanded into advanced fibres and consumer products, it needed to inspire its employees toward a new mission.

We commissioned an artist, Kevin Jay Stanton, to create a papercut representing the fibre of Domtar. The making of this papercut became a beautiful film, and the papercut itself now hangs in Domtar headquarters in Montreal.

“We’re not just a fibre company. We’re a company of fibre.”

The Fibre of Domtar poster
Cameron Fleming
Art Director
Jorge Bache
Creative Directors
Robert Balog
Jeff Leaf
Andrew Sloat
Kevin Jay Stanton

If you're having trouble reading the poster, download a PDF.