Cameron Fleming. Copywriter.


Unproduced pitch video.

Cigna: Be Well Out There.

The Cigna pitch was a marathon. By the time we won the business, we had presented 16 fully developed campaigns to the client, working 100-hour week after 100-hour week. Over the course of this period, several campaigns I wrote went into the room — including this slightly twisted one close to my heart. The client loved it, but ultimately decided maybe “neurotic hypochondriac” wasn't quite the right brand voice. And it was on to the next round.

ACD/Copywriter/Art Director: Cameron Fleming / Creative Director: Larry Platt, Vann Graves, and Rob Reilly / Unproduced

“Let’s be honest: the world is a putrid cesspool of pestilence and peril. Still, it’d be a crying shame to miss it.”

Germs are everywhere. Thankfully, so are we.
The pharmacy is like a party for sick people. Good thing we deliver.
Calamity can’t tell time. So we're here for you around the clock.
We'll help you carpe diem before it carpes you.
It's a wonderful life when it's not trying to kill you.
When the world’s out to get you, we’ve got you.
If we all held hands in peace and harmony, we’d all get sick together.
Leave the worrying to us. We’re professionals.