Cameron Fleming. Copywriter.


BMO Bank of Montreal: Bank Like It’s 2017.

The ’80s are back. We've got ’80s music. ’80s games. Even an ’80s president. But one thing that’s not coming back: retro banking. Nobody pays for their groceries with a personal cheque anymore. So why are people still being charged throwback bank fees? This digital and social campaign introduced BMO’s fee-free online banking plan.

ACD/Copywriter: Cameron Fleming / Senior Art Director: Ryan Walton / Creative Director: Laura Kim / Animation: Tantrum / The video above is as released. The posts below are agency versions and did not run exactly as shown.

“Switch to BMO and say ‘game over’ to banking fees.”

Facebook campaign

Bank fees are such a throwback.
Cassettes are back in. Retro banking is still out.
In 2017, your phone's not a brick. It's a bank.
No transaction fees. No monthly fees. No way? Way.

Throwback Thursday

We drew from BMO’s extensive corporate archives to create a Throwback Thursday campaign on Instagram. Each artifact would have allowed us to talk about a different aspect of the offer.

Credit card imprint machine
Pen on chain
MasterCharge cards