Cameron Fleming. Copywriter.


Six Flags: More Flags, More Fun.

For the record, Mr. Six wasn’t my idea. I joined the Six Flags account in the second year of its “More Flags, More Fun” campaign, by which time Mr. Six was well-established. Some people loved him, some people found him creepy, but you have to hand it to him: nobody could ignore him.

Copywriter: Cameron Fleming / Art Director: Jorge Bache / Creative Director: Dave Keener, Christine Capelli, Bruce Henderson & Witold Riedel

“I’m sorry, we don’t allow bears here.”


Six Flags television advertising was modular. Vignettes at the front of the spot would be paired with park-specific offers at the back. The offers were very hard-sell. But the vignettes could be a lot of fun. My partner and I wrote more than 200, of which these three were produced.


Writing radio for Six Flags was always a blast. These two spots are a couple of my favourites.

“We Do Allow Bears”