Cameron Fleming. Copywriter.


ECHO Awards: You Enter. We Win.

The DMA ECHO Awards are one of the few awards shows that weights creativity, strategy, and results equally. It stands to reason that any effective call-for-entries campaign for the ECHO Awards should itself win an ECHO.

So our campaign for the ECHO Awards told the story of a fictional team of creatives who created a campaign for the ECHO Awards to win an ECHO Award. Meta, right? A series of videos showed how far these fictional creatives were willing to go to get more entries to improve their chances of winning an ECHO themselves.

Copywriter: Cameron Fleming / Art Director: Jorge Bache / Creative Director Patrick Bennett & Mat Zucker / Director: Bradley Ross

“You deserve an ECHO Award. But not as much as we do.”


Keith cold-calls strangers to convince them to enter their posters into the ECHO Awards.


The team tries to buy an ad in Advertising Age promoting the awards.

“Final Countdown”

Faced with fewer entries than they expected, the team hits Times Square in a final desperate attempt to drum up their numbers.